"I fell asleep as so relaxed and have been feeling the positives of my treatments since.

A truly beautiful sanctuary of peace and tranquility has been created by Caz and don’t think ‘shall I’ it,

book a treatment now you most definitely won’t regret it x”

Reiki is a very gentle and wonderful therapy. It can sometimes be misunderstood but essentially, energy is channelled through the hands to the receiver through touch and the body will take in as much or as little as it needs to wherever it needs to go, aiming to move any energetic stagnation within the body to bring a sense of relaxation and wellbeing to both body and mind. I have been attuned in Usui Reiki 1st and 2nd degrees.

I am also going deep in to the energetic body through my Yoga studies and classical Indian teachings and am stripping things right back as I connect more with the classical Japanese Reiki system. This essentially is having an ongoing effect on how I work with the body, but it is feeding me with a huge amount of fascinating knowledge which I am excited to learn and share.

Some people use Reiki as a tool to encourage personal and spiritual awareness, while for others it is simply a way to help if you are feeling out of sorts and physically and emotionally drained.

I am discovering that there are many different chakra systems, but in the west we tend to focus on the seven chakras that are linked to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Each one is linked to a specific part of the body and its systems and if one of these becomes blocked or damaged, then the connected body part or system can be affected. I do not tend to focus solely on the chakra system, but on the body as a whole.

My treatments begin with a short consultation to establish if you have any medical conditions and how you are feeling generally, which incorporates your stress and energy levels and sleep patterns. I will then explain about the treatment itself especially if it is your first Reiki treatment and will then invite you to get comfortable on the massage couch. You remain fully clothed for this treatment and can snuggle up under a blanket if you wish to.

I will then begin the treatment by placing my hands around your head (in most circumstances). You may be aware that my hands are very warm and perhaps tingly and you may experience various sensations during the treatment, but hopefully also one of complete peace and relaxation.

Most people drift in and out of sleep during this treatment with a combination of laying on the couch and the warmth of my hands, and awake feeling very relaxed but also revived. It is certainly a treatment you have to try!

"If you are looking for a therapist who is professional, caring and super good at what she does then look no further. After a full consultation Caroline gets to work, she knows her stuff and the therapy room is a little calm haven. I have had several different treatments, My favourite so far is reflexology using hot stones, it was wonderful, needless to say I am now a regular client. "

Mrs. C

“Amazing massage tonight by Caz, I went in feeling uptight, anxious, overwhelmed, emotional and just exhausted and now I just feel, peaceful and calm and looking forward to a nice long sleep. Thank you Caz xx” 

Ms. W

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