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"I have and will always continue to pour my heart & soul into Holistically Ginger.

It is essentially me, wrapped up in a little business & I am now able to share it with a very special someone!"


Hi, I’m Caroline (Caz) and I created Holistically Ginger back in 2015. My background of work is in Financial Services, where I spent 27 years working for a major high street bank. I believe my desire to help people actually came about from working in this environment for so long. It gradually started to wear me down and made me very stressed, anxious and frustrated. For the last 5 years I was there, I was very demoralised that I was not helping anyone or making a difference to anybody’s life. I knew I could just stay and moan about it and become unhappier or do something about it, re-train and totally change my career and be able to build a life where I could indeed help people to feel better and make a difference to their lives. I have always felt that I am here for a reason, which to some people can sound quite strange, but I do truly feel I have found my calling!

My working life now consists of walking up the garden to our beautiful treatment room (the best feeling ever!) and meeting some really lovely people and have them walk out the door feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This makes me so happy every single day! To be able to carry out your passion every day and call it ‘work’ is truly a gift.

I really am a bit of a geek! (I cannot pretend to be anything else!) I spend a lot of my time surrounded by books and essential oils, mixing up blends and also studying Yoga and all that it encompasses. I also like to go back over modalities I already offer to ensure I am being true to the original practice and also to amend things I feel no longer serve myself or my clients. I constantly seek inspiration from many sources, looking to see what else I can bring to Holistically Ginger to enhance my practice. I am always trying to see what will work well with and complement what I already offer and really to make me the very best I can be. I like to offer treatments and combinations of treatments that may not be available locally and giving you the chance to try things that you may not have heard of before but could bring you exactly what you need. I am never satisfied with what I know and am continually studying and learning, not just from the studies that I do, but from my amazing clients too, who come up with some really great ideas! I have a bit of a thing for the nervous system, the lymphatic system and energy and work with these in virtually all of my treatments. I also recently qualified as a Yoga teacher which I am so excited about and my dream is to specialise in Yin Yoga which i hope to bring to the Sanctuary very soon!

My current offerings to you either stand alone or in combination are: Aromatherapy Massage, Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Hand Reflexology. Foot Reflexology using essential oils, Thai Herbal Poultice treatments on the body and face, Reiki and 1-1 Yoga sessions coming Summer 2022!! You can read about these treatments on my therapies offered menu on the website.

RIP our handsome and gorgeous ginger cat Tommy........ 2010-2022 .... our poster boy & the ginger love of our lives xxx


Hi, I'm Jay, Caz's husband & co-owner of Holistically Ginger. 2021 has certainly been a life changing year for me.

Back in February my health deteriorated due to the stresses I was experiencing in my life. Within the space of a few days, my life collapsed and I was diagnosed by my doctor as suffering nervous exhaustion. I can now see that there were signs it was coming, but I didn't realise at the time.

It is a horrible place to be. My body felt like I was on an adrenaline rush that wouldn't switch off. My whole nervous system was going haywire 24 hours a day. I couldn't concentrate. I couldn't sleep. EVERYTHING was an effort. EVERYTHING was scary. I could barely cope with anything. I did all that the doctors and therapists told me to do, and although it was hard and progress was very slow, I was always determined that it wouldn't beat me.

One of the things the doctors advised me to do, was to find a new hobby or past time to concentrate on and take my mind away from my illness. I had always been thinking about helping Caz at Holistically Ginger and now seemed a good opportunity for me to start my massage learning. It didn't take very long before I started to realise that the course I signed up for was a kind of therapy for me. Learning Sports Massage was actually helping me to get better. It was calming me down and helping me to relax and de-stress. I also started to see that I could actually help others to relax and feel good by massaging them. Yes it was very weird to start with. I never imagined I would be doing it, but I soon gained confidence in what I was doing and realised that I had a new career ahead of me.

GENTLEMEN... Look after yourselves! It is OK to talk about your mental health. It is not OK to 'suck it up' and suffer. If you feel life is getting on top of you, please talk to someone. If you find you are finding it hard to relax, or you need an hour to yourselves please consider getting yourself a massage. There are a lot of great massage therapists out there who can help you and I can assure you it isn't a sissy thing to do. It may be something you find is long overdue. Don't let things get on top of you because believe me, it isn't pleasant.

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