Facial Reflexology

"The treatment felt deep, very relaxing and enjoyable. I nearly went off to sleep!"

Facial Reflexology is something many people have never heard of, but that I am incredibly passionate about and use on myself regularly. Most people associate Reflexology with the feet, but working the face is an amazing practice for the body and mind. What is happening in the body can show up on the face in the corresponding zones and reflex points.

Facial Reflexology works in a similar way to foot reflexology, although working within such close proximity to the brain, the results can occur a lot quicker. Its aim is to restore the flow of energy in the body simply by working on zones of the face with a metal wand-like tool, in a very slow, relaxing and meditative way. It will almost feel like your face is being coloured in as I work to pinpoint any tender, bumpy or stuck areas that could indicate an energy block and work to disperse these. Its aim is to free up the energetic pathways and re-energise you physically, emotionally and mentally. I am essentially looking to balance your nervous system by taking you to a deep state of relaxation. A relaxing and calming touch can do wonders for us and give us a great chance of drifting in to our rest & digest system. Unfortunately many of us live in our stress response mode, which if activated for long periods of time can cause us disease and also prematurely age our skin.

When our nervous systems are balanced, our bodies can start to heal themselves and this treatment can aid in so many different ways on the physical and emotional levels. It works with all of the bodies systems and just a few of the many different things it can help include insomnia, hayfever, headaches/migraines, fertility issues both male & female, muscular pain (back, neck, shoulder, etc), anxiety, women's reproductive health and digestive issues.

When you come in at the start of each treatment we will sit down and have a chat and find out how you are feeling in both body and mind and how those feelings are presenting themselves in your body. We then agree on what the priority is to work on for that day and I invite you to lay down on the massage couch and drift off into another world for 30 minutes if combined with Foot Reflexology, or a slower 60 minutes as I carry out this wonderful treatment.

What sets this treatment apart is that you are given the tools to take this away with you, so you can carry on the work I have started, to assist in your own self-care. All you really need are your hands although you can use the rounded end of a pen or something along those lines.

Unlike foot reflexology where you really need the therapist to be present as contorting yourself to press points on your feet is never a great option, working on your face can be done very easily, fairly anonymously, at a time that suits you and doesn't require much effort.

Pure Bliss!

Feet & Facial Reflexology

Love having your foot reflexology but also fancy some facial reflexology too? Now you can have a treatment combining the two.

In this wonderfully relaxing treatment, I start with a 30-minute facial reflexology treatment, and then while you lay gently dozing, I move down to your feet for an extra 30 or even more mind-blowing 60 minutes working this area. Totally Blissful.....

Facial Reflexology with Arm, Neck & Shoulder Massage

I start this treatment with some acupressure points on the head and face before a scalp massage to begin the 'letting go' of any tension and then move on to an arm, neck and shoulder massage to deeply relax and begin to open up the energetic pathways ensuring that by the time I reach your face, you will be drifting peacefully away..

You can also add 30 minutes of foot reflexology to this treatment for 90 minutes of absolute bliss...

“What a beautiful venue, I think perhaps the loveliest healing space I have been in. And what a wonderful reflexology treatment I received. Caz is simply the most caring therapist, attentive to every detail and I hadn’t realised just how in need of her care I was. I’m afraid I did doze off but awoke feeling relief from what had been overwhelming pain. Bless you Caz, I will most definitely be back.”

Mrs. M

"I would highly recommend! I love having regular various treatments with Caz. I come away feeling like I'm floating on air! Caz is highly skilled and really cares about giving you the best experience. such a relaxed and cosy atmosphere."

Mrs. C

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